tokyo belly

Tokyo Belly – Ismaya


Tokyo Belly is an ISMAYA Group restaurant known as the right place to get fun and affordable Japanese food. Our mission is to deliver the experience of unique Japanese food made with only good quality ingredients for our customers.

Tokyo Belly launched a new array of delicious menu with a new concept. We believe our customers will have renewed excitement for great taste with an even bigger value! The new menu is designed to be fun, appealing to Japanese food lovers with our unique presentation, and yet still affordable to be enjoyed daily.

Tokyo Belly serves a wide variety of menu, ranging from Japanese nibbles, signature sushi rolls, ramen, Japanese curry, hot stone bibimbap, Japanese pasta, and ice cream parfait with various toppings. We are the perfect go-to place when customers crave for delicious Japanese food.

Below is the list of our signature menu categories:

–  Ramen (price starts from IDR 38K): our soup is rich in flavor because we boil it for hours, using daily homemade fresh noodle.

–  Sushi (price starts from IDR 18K: FRESH ingredients for every generous bite of our fun sushi. That, and they’re such a feast to the eyes too!

–  Curry Rice (price starts from IDR 58K): Tokyo Belly gives the authentic taste of Japanese curry rice.

–  Japanese Pasta (price starts from IDR 52K): a new take on pasta – infused with authentic Japanese flavors straight into the dishes.